Our Leadership Team

Mark Bailey


Our Pastor is Mark Bailey, who brings a unique perspective on the Word of God, with a sense of humor. With his sermon illustrations he can bring the word alive and make it relevant for today. Mark wants to bring a touch and impact to peoples lives.

Mark Steven Bailey was raised in Flatwoods, Kentucky. He is the youngest of five. Mark was born into a Christian family with a strong heritage of ministers. His maternal grandmother was a Pentecostal evangelist and from her offspring there are at least 35 grandchildren and great grandchildren in ministry today. What a blessing!

Pastor Mark felt the call of GOD on his life at a young age. He was saved at 8 years of age, at church youth camp during the summer. He was filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of tongues at 18 years of age. He preached his first sermon when he was 18 years old. About this same time he fell in love with Alexis Smith. They were married on April 26, 1980. After one year of marriage they went to Bible college and Mark graduated from Advantage Bible College with under graduate work from Southwestern University, Ok City, Ok. On November 2, 1983 their first son, Mark “Aaron” was born. Courtney Anne came on March 30, 1987 and then Caleb Steven arrived on March 7, 1991. Mark is a very loving and proud parent and grandparent of 4.

Pastor Mark started his ministry as a Youth Pastor and then moved to the Senior Pastorate. He has been Senior Pastor for 3 established churches and is the founding Pastor of CHM. Since 1999 he has brought strong and impressive apostolic leadership to the church.

Pastor Mark’s ministry is based on Isaiah 61 and 58. God has called him to be the rebuilder of the walls and repairer of the breach, to help reconcile those away, back to God. His ministry is a down to earth, “rubber meets the road” approach. He loves people and especially feels burdened for families and their children.

Church Staff

Pastor Tina Smith served as the youth pastor here at Carpenter’s House Ministries for 8 years. At the end of 2008 the Lord began to deal with her concerning children’s ministry. In mid year 2009 she stepped into the role as children’s pastor and served there until Janurary of 2013. In Feburary 2013 the Lord called her to be the Worship Leader of CHM. She directs this area of ministry that sets the atmosphere for our entire worship experience! Pastor Tina has been ministering in song since her early teenage years. She served under numerous worship leaders who have instilled a love for worshipping Jesus. She is a very anointed vessel who inspires those she leads.Her desire is to usher in the presence of the Lord and allow him the freedom to change lives.

Pastors Jose and Erica Pedraza began their ministry journey together when they married in 2013. Over this past year, they both felt the Holy Spirit directing them to pastor The Gathering here at CHM.

They both carry a strong desire and vision to cultivate the gifting inside of each student who walks through the door, and to teach them how to use that gifting for the Kingdom of God.

The Gathering is based upon the scripture, Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three are gathered in My name, there I am with them.”


Herby Correa

Market Place Pastor

Pastor Herby Correa was first introduced to Market Place Ministry in the beginning of 2012 by attending several business seminars on how to infiltrate kingdom principals in the work place. In 2017, he felt the call of God to apply those kingdom principals by actively extending the invitation for ministry beyond the church walls and its traditions. Pastor Herby has a passion to spiritually impact the lives of those in the market place by sharing God’s message of salvation, love and hope! His primary call is to be God’s instrument in helping to transform lives and to expand the church’s influence within the local communities.